Year 4

Please find below a suggested timetable and some links for activities you can access if your child is needing to self isolate for a few days due to waiting for a Covid-19 test or results.  
Many thanks
Mrs Burson
Topic web for this term
Suggested weekly timetable 
Writing- log onto Pobble 365 for daily writing tasks based on an image. 
Non-core project ideas
Initially, please refer to the homework grid sent home on Wednesday 30th September and encourage you child to complete any tasks not yet attempted.  Even if your child has already completed the paddle level of a task, they could then challenge themselves with the swim or deep sea dive task. 
Then you can choose from:
1) Complete another fact file about a different world river.  This could be a paper factfile or poster or could be a Powerpoint presentation your child could share with the class when they return. 
2) Research what happens to a river course as it travels from its source to the river mouth going out into the sea.  Record a diagram of the different sections and label to explain what the different features are called. 
3) Create a model of a river course. This could be out of junk modelling, lego or other building materials.  How many key features can you include? e.g. waterfall, ox-bow lake, estuary, meander etc...
4) Find an artist who has painted water.  Create an information page about them and then create your own copy of one of their pieces of art to add to your page. 
5) Click on the link below to enter the BBC -Ten pieces website for some music activities based on some fabulous pieces of music.