Year 4

Year 4 Sports Day 
Year 4 trip to The Earth Trust at Wittenham Clumps 
Please find below a suggested timetable and some links for activities you can access if your child is needing to self isolate for a few days due to waiting for a Covid-19 test or results.  
Many thanks
Mrs Burson
Topic web for this term
Suggested weekly timetable 
Writing- log onto Pobble 365 for daily writing tasks based on an image. 
Non-core project ideas
Initially, please refer to the homework grid sent home this term and encourage you child to complete any tasks not yet attempted.  Even if your child has already completed the paddle level of a task, they could then challenge themselves with the swim or deep sea dive task. 
Then you can choose from:
1) Complete a fact file about a volcano. How often has it erupted? What country is it in? When was the last time it erupted?  
2) Make a poster about what we need to do to look after our teeth. What advise can you give to people? 
3) Make a model of your mouth with all the different types of teeth. Make sure you end up with the right amount of each. 
4) Research Hadrian's wall and create a fact booklet all about it.  Imagine you are working for the tourist board and need to create a fact leaflet for tourists. What would they need / like to know?
5) Create a tourist guide for a Roman Baths. What would they need to know? Can you make it really eye catching and persuade people they want to go there. 
6) Click on the link below to enter the BBC -Ten pieces website for some music activities based on some fabulous pieces of music.