Year 5

Please find below a suggested timetable and some links for activities you can access if your child is needing to self isolate for a few days due to waiting for a Covid-19 test or results.  
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Mr. Burbank and Miss. Lovegrove
Maths Fluency
Non Core Subjects
  1. Research how our actions in the UK can have an adverse effect on the rainforests in South America and what we can do to change this. This could be through how we are unwittingly buying products that can cause deforestation, for example soya.  Produce a PowerPoint or record a video of your research and be prepared to feedback to the class.


  1. Research and produce a fact file of the main physical and human features of Brazil.


  1. Research Henri Rousseau and produce a fact file about him. Create a painting of a rainforest scene in his style.



  1. Complete the following science and computing  lessons.
Links to help with research