School Council

At the beginning of a new school year, children at Stockham vote for their class representative for the School Council.

The voting is organised in the style of a General Election. Each year group selects potential candidates, who then set about campaigning for votes from their class peers. Candidates make a short speech outlining the qualities that would make them a good School Council Representative. They also have to put forward ideas for improving the school.
The School Council members for 2019-20 are: 

Year 6: 


Year 5: 


Year 4: 


Year 3: 


Year 2:


Year 1



Head Boy and Head Girl:
This year, our year 6 head boy and girl are Ronnie Bowell and Ella Tatum-Hale. They were chosen due to being recognised for always making a concerted effort towards their work and showing excellent behaviour in and around school. They can be spotted due the the coloured badges they wear.
Some of their responsibilities may include:
Always setting a good example to others.
Supporting younger children in lessons and around school.
Writing class news for year 6.
Showing visitors around the school.
 House Captians