Sport at Stockham

On Wednesday 7th June, we took a team to the Wantage cricket tournament. In the first round we won 2 out of 3 of our games making it through to the 3rd/4th play off. We finished 4th over all.
It was great to see some new faces at a school competition and have children trying out new skills. Everyone was very supportive of each other - doing Stockham proud for sporting attitude and even persevering in the rain!
During the final week of term 5, we took children from key stage 2 to the quad kids athletic events. They were all so impressive in the events - particularly the 400m and 600m where all the adults were impressed with their determination to keep going and try their best. Well done to all the children for their individual successes and congratulations to Ronnie Bowell for coming second out of all the boys at the year 5 and 6 event. Thank you to all the adults who came and supported the children.
On Wednesday 23rd May, years 4, 5 and 6 enjoyed the sun and took part in a rounders house competition. Well done to the red house for being the over all champions and congratulations to all the individual children who won stars for the totaliser for showing fantastic team spirit during the event.
On Friday 18th May, Stockham hosted the Wantage schools rounders tournament. We entered 2 teams of year 5/6 children into the event and they had a lot of fun in the sunny weather showing off their batting and fielding skills. Well done to one of our teams who came 4th in the event. It was also fantastic to see some new faces at the competition - well done to those children for being brave and trying something new!
On Tuesday 1st May we took 4 girls and 4 boys from year 4 to play in the Wantage tennis tournament. It was fantastic to see how exited all the children were to take part and they all tried their very best. Well done everyone and thank you to the adults who supported the event.

On Friday 20th April, we took 7 boys to play in the year 5/6 Wantage schools football tournament against 11 other teams. The whole team played fantastically, showing great sportsmanship and winning every single game - becoming the tournament champions!  This is impressive news for Stockham! A big thank you to all the parents who came and supported the children and thank you to Matt Turner for managing the team so well on the day!

Year 6 have been trying out a new curriculum sport at Stockham - yoga. They have really enjoyed their first session and have a lot more to learn over the next few weeks. Yoga is also an after school sport for all children to have a go at this term.

On Wednesday 18th April, 8 children attended the Wantage partnership swimming Gala. They worked well as a team and showed great determination with their swimming – even the trickier strokes! There was some very good competition - with a lot of club swimmers - but our children remained determined and tried their very best setting an excellent example for the school. Well done!

We did lots of activities on sports relief day - starting with a whole school daily mile!
At lunch time the netball team payed the teachers.....and the teachers lost 5-4! Lots of sportsmanship from the children.....its a shame the teachers weren't so sporting about losing!! After lunch, the head leaders ran an obstacle course for everyone to have a go at and enjoy. Thank you to all the adults for taking part and the children for leading it!
Netball update
The netball team entered the Vale Tournament on Tuesday 21st March with 9 other Vale of the White Horse teams who all won or came runner up in the first stages. We sailed through the first round comfortably, winning all 4 of our matches. In the semi finals, we lost out on a place in the final (to the team who eventually won) only by a golden goal in the 3rd minute of extra time. Despite this set back, the children still played excellently in the final play off for 3rd and 4th position - finishing 3rd. The whole team was fantastic and have represented our school brilliantly - their teamwork was a driving factor in their success as they were so brilliant at knowing each other's strengths and how to support each other. Well done everyone and thank you to all the adults who came and supported us at the event. 
On Friday 9th March, 3 teams attended the Wantage netball tournament. All the children had lots of fun and we were impressed with their teamwork and the confidence of the children who had never attended a tournament before! One team reached the final - coming second out of 14 teams - we will now be attended the Vale round in a few weeks time. 

On Wednesday 10th January, we took 11 children to the Boccia event at Wantage Leisure Centre. For some children this was a brand new sport and they were determined to try it. It's a bit like 'bowls' where you have to throw a ball to get closest to the 'jack'. All the children had lots of fun and said they would definitely play it again! Well done everyone!

Well done to all the children who performed their special ‘gifted and talented’ Christmas dance in the assembly on Friday 8th December. You all practiced so hard and were brilliant so we just had to share it with your parents! The videos can now be seen on the Stockham news page.

On Tuesday 7th November, we took 3 teams to the Tag Rugby competition at Grove Rugby Club. All the children had lots of fun and showed amazing determination - both against all the other teams and in the freezing cold and pouring rain we had that day! You could not fault their positivity and they represented Stockham School brilliantly. Thank you to all the parents who also came and supported us that day!

On Wednesday 11th October,  we had our very special assembly with Invictus games athlete Luke Delahunty. The assembly was very inspirational and it was lovely to see so many enthusiastic children with questions to ask him.
The children also took part in a sponsored circuit. It was very energetic and busy and everyone had a great time. The children were very determined to try their best in each activity. Our year 6 head leaders also need a huge thank you for supporting all the key stage 1 children to take part. 
As a school, we were raising money both for sporting equipment for ourselves and to support athletes train for and compete in their events. Thank you to everyone for helping to raise money for these good causes!
On Tuesday 10th October, the year 3/4 and 5/6 boys teams raced again at Buscot Park in Faringdon. The route had changed this year so another big hill challenge was included and a very muddy part too! All the boys had a good time and tried their very best. The year 3/4 boys finished 8th over all and the 5/6 boys finished 5th. Well done to you all!

On Friday 22nd September, we took our largest team so far to the Wantage cross country Competition. It was fantastic to have so many excited and determined children with us. All the children were amazing - trying their very best to run as fast and far as they could. Well done everyone you made your teachers proud and should be proud yourselves!

A special congratulations to our 3/4 boys A team who came second over all and our 5/6 boys team who came 3rd. Both teams will be going on to compete in the next stage.

Another special well done to the children who earned top ten positions competing against all the other schools in Wantage and the surrounding area.

Evie Stoemer 1st

Jake Gorman - 3rd

Ronnie Bowell 4th

Sak Bowes 8th

Dylan Evason 2nd

Congratulations to our new sport committee - known as the 'Head Leaders'. They have been dedicated all year - giving up a lunch time a week (sometimes more) to lead games for younger children and run competitions for them. You will now see them at different sporting school events next year helping staff and sometimes running them! Well done!
On Tuesday 11th July, we held our school games day. All the children had lots of fun at the different sports and showed off all their learning powers during the activities. A huge thank you to the staff and volunteers for helping us!
In the afternoon our year 5 and 6 sports leaders were amazing and ran a super event for KS1. They truly showed off all their leadership talents and the staff thought they were amazing. KS1 moved around all the different activity stations and learnt new skills at each one. They all tried their very best and were very excited to take part.
On Monday 10th July we held our tennis intra school competition organised and led by Wantage Lawn tennis club. All the children worked together in their houses to gain as many points as possible. At the same time they learnt lots of new skills and had lots of fun!
On Thursday 25th June, we held our dodge ball house colour competition.  Although it was a competition, the main aim was for all children to have fun and try something new - especially the foundation children. We saw so much teamwork, confidence building and sportsmanship on the day we were impressed with all the children.
Congratulations to the green team who were the over all winners. A huge thank you needs to go to all our year 6 sports leaders who ran the event for everyone and looked after key stage one so well - you were very impressive.
On Wednesday 24th and Thursday 25th June, both year 3/4 and 5/6 Quad kid competitions took place. The children did a fantastic job in the very hot weather and staff members were impressed with the team work and support they showed each other during and between events. All the children tried really hard at every event they did – especially the long distance races. 

Congratulations to the 5/6 team who came 6th out of 13 teams and second in the SPS partnership schools. A special mention also needs to be made for Elliot E who was the second highest scoring boy in the whole event!  Well done all!

On Monday 22nd May, Year 6 had an ultimate Frisbee competition. They had been practicing their skills in prior lessons and all put them to good use on the day. They were very determined to try their best and had lots of fun at the same time. Well done everyone but a big congratulations to red house who were the champions on the day and earnt 10 points for their star totaliser!

On Thursday 18th May, year 5 had their house cricket tournament. They all learnt new skills, showed determination to have a go if they were a bit nervous and had lots of fun. Congratulations to the green team who were the overall winners on the day!
On Thursday 18th May, 8 children from years 5 and 6 attended the partnership cricket competition. They really impressed all the staff because, even with some tough games, they kept their heads held high, tried their best and couldn't wait to play their games. Well done to all of you for using your learning powers to represent our school so well! 
On Tuesday 25th April, 8 children from year 4 attended the tennis competition. They had some incredibly tough matches - even having to play against club players - and showed amazing determination and perseverance the whole time! Thank you to Tom from Wantage Lawn Tennis Club for working with the children in the run up to the day and supporting them at the event! Well done everyone!

On Wednesday 16th March the whole school took part in race for life to race money for cancer research UK.

It was a great afternoon and everyone had loads of fun! Thank you to everyone who sponsored a child and we raised an amazing £3062!!!