Sport at Stockham

On Friday 6th March we took 22 children, 3 teams, to the Wantage netball tournament. All the children were very excited to attend and determined to try their best on the day. We ended up having one team finish 3rd and one team finish 4th out of all the schools which was a great success. It was a competitive tournament and most of our games were either won or drawn. It was noted by other staff members how well Stockham performed as a school on the day. Well done everyone!

On Tuesday 5th October, we took a team to the Vale Tag Rugby Competition.  They had a great afternoon and made it all the way through to the quarter finals where they narrowly missed out in a close game. There was great team work and excellent behaviour from all the children and thank you to everyone for your support!

Last term, we took ten year 3 children to an afternoon of badminton fun at KAs West Site. It was great to see how excited they all were to try something new and they all learnt some new skills on the day. Well done everyone.

On Friday 18th October, we took 3 teams to the Wantage tag rugby competition. The children were all amazing and we had a very successful day. Our A team made it all the way through to the final and narrowly missed out on winning by 2 tries in extra time. The teams were all incredibly well-behaved and very supportive of each other. Well done everyone!

On Wednesday 9th October, three teams attended the Vale round of the cross country running competition. It was a tough course with lots of hills, muddy patches and lots of the runners at this stage were very competitive – coming from local clubs. The children were all fantastic and tried their very best. They showed excellent determination and teamwork throughout and we are very proud of all of them. Congratulations to Dylan who will be attending the county finals in December!

On Wednesday 25th September, we took a record number 44 children to the Wantage Cross Country Competition at Wantage park. It was amazing to see the dedication and determination from all the children through the race and they never gave up – all crossing the line.

It was also fantastic to see how fantastic all the children were at supporting each other during the races. Other parents and schools commented how much a great team we all were and you could hear the cheering from all across the park – well done everyone. Thank you to all the staff and parents who turned up to support us too!

Three teams will be advancing to the next round at Buscot Park in a few weeks! Well done Stockham!

Congratulations to the dedicated year 5 children who have earnt their position as 'Head Leaders' on the sports committee during their time in year 6. You will be a valuable asset for running sporting competitions and helping us to improve sport this year!
On Wednesday 5th June, 20 children attended the Quad kids athletics competition. They were all fantastic and were a credit to Stockham school. It was fantastic not only to see the determination - particularly on the long distance run - but also to see the sportsmanship they showed by supporting each other during the activities. Over all the year 3/4 team finished 4th and the 5/6 team finished 8th - excellent results. A big congratulations needs to be said to Evie in year 5 who was the TOP girl out of every girl at the tournament across the different schools and year 5/6. A huge achievement and we are so proud of you! Thank you to everyone who came and supported us.
Congratulations to all the girls who took part in the tag rugby competition last week. It was lovely to see how enthusiastic you all were about the sport and how hard you all tried and well you all worked together. All the determination paid off as we managed to achieve second place - narrowly missing out in the final by only one try! Well done everyone!
A huge congratulations to the 6 children who took part in their martial arts grading at Stockham on Thursday 9th April. You have all moved from a white belt to red belt and the instructors are very proud of you for all your hard work and dedication  - as are the staff.

We finished term 4 on a high with sport - attending 2 county finals for both cross country and the year 3/4 mixed football.

It was a great experience for our school to compete at such a high level and all the children were fantastic.

A huge well done to Dylan in year 4 for coming 13th in the running out of more than 50 boys. A huge achievement when up against boys who run for the county as part of their extra curricular activities.

Another big well done to the year 3/4 football team - you did us proud with your tremendous effort and team work!

On Friday 15th March, we took 2 teams to the Vale football competition at Chandlings school in Abingdon. Both teams played brilliantly and it was great to see such determination and positive attitudes throughout. One team made it through to the quarter finals after finishing 2nd in the group stages. They played brilliantly and then went on to the semifinals which was very tense. This match went down to sudden death penalties but with super goal keeping from Freddie and a well-deserved goal from Oscar we got through to the finals. In the final we lost 3-2 – an incredibly close game. This means that we are officially through to the county finals in a few weeks time!   Congratulations to all the children for their brilliant play.

Thank you to all the parents who were incredibly supportive with both lifts to the event and cheering and encouragement from the side lines. Also, a huge thank you to Luke for coaching the children and supporting both teams at the competition. See you at the next stage!

On the 8th March, we took 2 teams to the Wantage netball tournament. Both teams worked really well together showing lots of sportsmanship. One team came top of their group and made it into the semifinals – finishing third place overall which was a fantastic achievement. They were all very proud of themselves and it was a really fun day.

The year 3's took part in a netball tournament this term! For many of them it was a brand new sport and the adults were impressed with them all for trying hard and showing lots of determination and team work. Well done to the blue team for being the over all champions of the event!

On Wednesday 13th February, we were incredibly lucky to have a visit from a premier league umpire Graeme Scott. He led a super assembly with KS2 about respect and fair play and what it’s like to be an umpire. The children had lots of time to ask him questions. After that, we had a key stage football tournament umpired for us by Graeme which was very exciting for the children and we saw lots of the teamwork and fair play he had discussed with them!

Thank you to everyone for all the sponsored circuit fundraising! As a school we raised over £1000 and it is excellent to be able to not only give a generous amount to the charity but also be left with £500 for ourselves to be spent on play equipment for the children outside. The signed wrist bands and certificates are on their way!

Well done to all the children who took part in the gymnastics and dance 'gifted and talented' workshops and performances this year.  You all practiced so hard and were brilliant so we just had to share it with your parents! We were very impressed with the creativity shown by the gymnasts, whose performance was all their own, and the teamwork with the dancers who worked hard to include and support every age group in the routine. Amazing work everyone.

On Tuesday 6th November, we took 23 children (3 teams) to the tag rugby tournament at grove rugby club.

It was a great competition with all the children trying their best and enjoying themselves. It was fantastic to see some children being brave and trying out the new sport even though they felt nervous!

We didn't advance to the quarter finals but there were some close games and the children demonstrated lots of super skills. Well done everyone!

On Wednesday 17th October,  we had our very special assembly with paralympian Alistair Patrick- Heselton. The assembly was very inspirational and it was lovely to see so many enthusiastic children with questions to ask him.
The children also took part in a sponsored circuit. It was very loud, energetic and busy and everyone had a great time. The children were very determined to try their best in each activity. Our year 6 head leaders also need a huge thank you for supporting all the key stage 1 children to take part. 
As a school, we were raising money both for sporting equipment for ourselves and to support athletes train for and compete in their events. Thank you to everyone for helping to raise money for these good causes! More information will follow about how much we raised in total!
Year 4 have kicked off our intra school competitions for the year with a hockey tournament! Well done to the greens who were the over all champions and won 20 points for the totaliser!
All the children were very impressive in their teams and there was a lot of determination to try and use the new hockey skills learnt in prior lessons!
On Wednesday 23rd May, years 4, 5 and 6 enjoyed the sun and took part in a rounders house competition. Well done to the red house for being the over all champions and congratulations to all the individual children who won stars for the totaliser for showing fantastic team spirit during the event.
On Friday 18th May, Stockham hosted the Wantage schools rounders tournament. We entered 2 teams of year 5/6 children into the event and they had a lot of fun in the sunny weather showing off their batting and fielding skills. Well done to one of our teams who came 4th in the event. It was also fantastic to see some new faces at the competition - well done to those children for being brave and trying something new!
We did lots of activities on sports relief day - starting with a whole school daily mile!
At lunch time the netball team payed the teachers.....and the teachers lost 5-4! Lots of sportsmanship from the children.....its a shame the teachers weren't so sporting about losing!! After lunch, the head leaders ran an obstacle course for everyone to have a go at and enjoy. Thank you to all the adults for taking part and the children for leading it!