Governing Body

Chair of Governors: Ian Wallis, Fiona Henderson
Vice Chair: Katy Radburn-Smith
Head Teacher: Ruth Burbank
Local Authority: 
Parent Governors: Dennis Burson, Chris Norris, Katy Radburn-Smith, Karen Thornett 
Staff Governor: Jess Wylde
Co-opted Governors: Duncan Francis, Fiona Henderson, Stephen Mbuthia, Tyrone Rees, Lucy Todd, Ian Wallis
Governor pecuniary interests
Name  Business Entity  Nature of interest  Date declared
Dennis Burson   Stockham School   Married to employee; parent   October 2022
Ruth Burbank   Stockham School
  Head teacher
  Married to Assistant 
  Head teacher
  October 2022
Duncan Francis   Camel Pre-school   Married to Manager   October 2022
Fiona Henderson   River Learning Trust   Employee   October 2022
Stephen Mbuthia     None   May 2022
Chris Norris   Stockham School   Parent   February 2023
Katy Radburn-Smith   Stockham School   Parent   October 2022
Tyrone Rees   Stockham School   Married to employee; parent   October 2022
Lucy Todd    Abingdon School   Employee   May 2022
Jess Wylde   Stockham School   Employee   October 2022