GDPR statement

In the event of staff being instructed to work from home due to school closure, through management or government instruction, data required to do their job effectively may be taken home. It is preferred that this data is stored on a school device/network, however, any data taken/copied in any format should be protected adequately from other members of the household and from theft (stored safely and securely when not in use). Any data not required at home when usual school-based work resumes, must, under normal circumstances, be returned safely to the workplace within two weeks. Staff will be permitted to use personal devices to a greater degree than that permitted by standard policy during this time, in order to carry out work duties as necessary, but only whilst extraordinary working practices operate, and automatic backup to cloud storage should be disabled for associated folders to enhance data tracking. Staff must adhere to the standard policy on the use of personal electronic devices when usual school operation resumes, or when extraordinary use is no longer required. 


Staff may be asked to provide information to county and or other school related organisations in an unusual manner during a school closure/partial closure/government/business office closure. School staff should ensure, as far as possible, that the method used to provide information, and the information itself, is in line with general GDPR practices to maintain compliance, but those methods can be adapted as required to suit any extraordinary working conditions.