Staff List

Teaching Staff

Teaching Staff
Headteacher: Mrs Ruth Burbank


Year F
Miss Karie Ledster
Year 1
Miss Daisy Breakspear
Year 2
Mr James Doman (Assistant Head & Key Stage 1 leader) and Mr Paul Chadwick
Year 3
Miss Claire Lovegrove and Mr Paul Chadwick
Year 4
Mrs Jess Wylde and Mrs Gemma Hubbard
Year 5
Mrs Lisa Norris and Mrs Janice Peacock


Year 6


Mrs Emma Burson (KS2 Leader)

Special Educational
Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO)
Mrs Katie Roberts


Forest School
Forest School Leader       Sylvia Ward

Support Staff

Business Manager Miriam Doyle
Pupil Manager Penny Charlton
Valerie Clinker
Cleaner: Rose Breakspear
Emma Johnson
Teaching Assistants:


Cover supervisors   Sarah Anderson,  Lynda Smith, Wendy Breakspear, Aimee Watts and Kristal Rees


Anne Rowe, Sylvia Ward, Justine Powling, Sarah Wilkinson, Clare Anderson, Jenna Hazell, Jacqui Robins and Indy Dixey


Mid-day Meal Supervisors: Jeanette Buck, Val Clinker and Emma Robins.

Need further information?

Please feel free to contact Penny, Sue or Nay in the school office. (Tel: 01235 764407)