Being a confidence reader is key to a child's education. Phonics is recommended as the first strategy that children should be taught in helping them learn to read and why we make it a daily priority at Stockham. Phonics runs alongside other teaching methods to help children develop vital reading skills and give them a real love of reading – hopefully for life.

At Stockham School, we follow the Twinkl phonics programme for the teaching of phonics. This is a government validated phonics scheme of work based on Letters and Sounds, a resource published by the Department for Education, consisting of six levels. Our phonics coverage is mapped out across the year from Foundation to Year 2 and outlines expectations for progression. Each lesson consists of whole-class revision and teaching and then work in individual pupil practice books.

Daily Catch Up

Regular assessment is vital to ensure the early identification of children who may need us to provide them with extra support, either through interventions or during daily classroom teaching. Ideally, these children will take part in daily, highly structured interventions, which will normally include recapping or relearning missing GPCs and tricky/common exception words and practising blending and segmenting skills. As soon as we identify any child who is struggling to succeed in phonics, the provision will be put into place to close the gap.

If any child in Year 3 to 6 has gaps in their phonic knowledge when reading or writing, we plan ‘catch-up’ lessons using ‘Code breakers’ interventions to address specific gaps. These short, sharp lessons last 10 minutes and take place at least three times a week.

Home Learning
We provide children with the opportunity to continue their learning at home. At Stockham, we have invested in our reading books to ensure they are fun and engaging for the children. The books match the children's Phonics level and the in-class teaching they are receiving, allowing them to consolidate their learning.
Games, revision activities and further books are also provided using the 'Twinkl Go!' platform.
More information can be found here:
Year 1 phonics results
Year School result National
July 2019 Year 1  93%  82%