Stockham's got talent, Red Nose Day 2017!

24th March 2017

Stockham's got Talent 2017
Over 120 children auditioned. 14 acts made the final. Well done to the ten Yr 5 and 6 girls for becoming the overall  winners of the talent show. Well done to Lawrence for winning the younger category and also a huge congratulations to the year 3 boys on being runners up with 'What does the fox say'.
- The judges: Florian as Nicole Scherzinger, Nay (office staff) as Simon Cowell and Mr Burbank as Honey G, 'I say Honey, you say G'
Thank you to the year 5 class who cleaned the staff cars for money to donate to comic relief.
We had a fab afternoon. Please look Below for videos of the afternoon.
Thank you
Mrs Ruth Burbank
Below: Enter...the judges

Below: Year 1 children -'Good to be me'

Below: Year 2 girls singing '7 years old'

Below: Year 2 -Georgia - Dancing to Bruno Mars

Below -Year 3 boys 'What does the fox say'

Below: Year 4 girls -Jess Lynn

Below: Year 4  -Lawrence on the piano -Arietta

Below: Year 4 girls singing our school song 'Believe'

Below: Year 5 -Josh J - speed stacking

Below: Josh W - taped

Below: Year 6 boys jokes

Below: The Oliver sisters singing Moana

Below:The jammy dodgers-guitarists

Below: Year 5 and 6 girls -Mrs Cargill's dance crew

Below: Year 6 boys syncro swimmers

Below: Mr Burbank getting ready for a night out!

Below: A wonderful atmosphere with the finalists' parents, children and staff.